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Highly experienced, professional and kind, tutoring in Vermont


Stewart Miller: Headmaster of Greenwood School, Putney, Vermont

What impresses me most about Rolf is his compassion and ability to connect with challenging students. Rolf routinely goes above and beyond his contracted duties in the interest of the students.  Rolf always displayed patience, a positive attitude, and inspired all of us with his compassionate approach to working with children.  Not surprisingly, the boys valued their time with Rolf, and he quickly gained their trust and admiration.  Rolf is highly respected by the Greenwood boys and by his peers.”

“Rolf is a highly trained math teacher who has excellent skills.  He has worked with some of our most needy, and most challenging students in math.  Rolf’s ability to connect with and gain the trust of students who are frustrated, anxious, angry, or who lack confidence is exceptional.  This, combined with his skills as a math tutor, had many powerful results for some of our students.  Rolf excelled in a tutorial setting and his tutees realized inspirational gains as measured by academic testing, but also seen in confidence and personal growth. “

“Rolf is creative inside and outside of the classroom and has a gift of connecting with students who are struggling.”

Don Cuerdon, Parent

I just have to say I’m so glad to have you on the case. You not only get this, you have an idea of what needs doing. And not just the school stuff—all the emotional things and the clever dodges that smart ADHD people use to keep the rest of the world at bay. The by-product here is renewed hope Thank you for that.

Paul Dedell: Director of Hilltop Montessori Middle School

Rolf is passionate about math and has that rare skill to convey that passion to his students.  He cares deeply about each individual student and is especially astute in finding singular ways to help guide each student forward.  Rolf is an authentic lover of learning who brings his talents, curiosity, wonder, and creativity to all of his endeavors.  I highly recommend him.“

Kathleen Hathaway, Parent

“Rolf approaches teaching with an eagerness to understand the whole child, factors influencing brain development, behavior and ability to learn. As a result, he opens new pathways to achieve success. He made learning fun. I highly recommend him.”


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