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Teacher (Geometry and Algebra) Hilltop Montessori Middle School, Brattleboro, VT    2012 – present




Sole Proprietor – Brattleboro Math Tutor                                            2010 – present


Provide one on one instruction in basic mathematics, algebra and SSAT


preparation to high school and middle school students.




Sole Proprietor – Stanzas of Light : Videos for Artisans                   2010 – present                              


Create short films for artists and artisans.




Weekend Activities Staff: – Greenwood School, Putney, Vermont        2010 – 2012


Create and supervise activities for middle school boys, proctor study hall, and attend


events with students.




Dorm Parent – Greenwood School, Putney, Vermont                      2008 –2010


Taught life and organizational skills to boys with significant learning disabilities who


were between the ages of eight and fifteen.




Math Teacher – Greenwood School, Putney, Vermont                     2008 –2009


Taught mathematics to boys with significant learning disabilities.




Mathematics Instructor – Landmark College, Putney, Vermont     2004 – 2008                                   


Taught fundamentals of math, developed a syllabus and course structure, created


materials and administered grades for students with a wide range of learning disabilities.


Math Support Center Coordinator Landmark College, Putney, Vermont 2002-2004


Helped learning disabled students comprehend the fundamentals of mathematics for


credit and non-credit math classes, (with a special emphasis on statistics, algebra,


word problems, fractions and percents) and organized and oversaw peer tutors.



Instructor –  Landmark College, Putney, Vermont                                                                2002 – 2004


Tutored students in the Writing Center on sentence, paragraph, and essay level writing strategies.




Tutor – Landmark College, Putney, Vermont                                                                          2001 – 2004 


Helped dyslexic students learn fundamentals of spelling, organizational and study skills,


and writing at the sentence, paragraph and essay level, using technology aided instruction.












“General Brattle’s Cafe”: Radio show on WVEW 107.7 LP FM                                           2012


“The Mysterious Ancient Tile”: Created ceramic artifact with cryptogram leading                           2011

to hidden prize in local bookstore.


“Carving Curved Clay”: Screened video poem screened on  Brattleboro Cable Access Television   2010


Premiere of  “The Singing Tree: Genesis of a Violin” a video poem, Pierce Hall, Putney Vermont  2010


“Sand on Fire: Work vs Play” :  A video poem / treasure hunt created for Solinglass             2010

“The Treasure of the Newly-Weds”: A Private Treasure Quest involving Daniel Webster                2008

and Geography of Southern Vermont.


“That’s not Poetry!: Closed minded readers vs Strangers with Candy”,  Ex Libris,  Landmark College 2008

Library newsletter

“Stories”: Radio Show on WVEW 107.7 LP FM : As DJ read aloud classic fiction short stories     2008

with music mixed into broadcast


“The Birches” :  A Studio Installation in collaboration with painter Jason Alden combining            2007

formal poetry with 3-D facsimile forest.


“Soap”: A stop-motion animation screened for the Cabaret Sans Souci, at the Loft, Brattleboro      2004

In collaboration with Caglayan Sevincer and Cynthia Houghton

“The Centipedium Race”  :  A one act stage play with video, for Cabaret Sans Souci, at                 2003

Sandglass Theater, Putney, Vermont.


“Simply String”: Created audio recording for performance by Caglayan Sevincer     2003


The Mystery of the Dead Man’s Purse: A “Book Key” Puzzler with clues that lead to                      2011

buried coins in Brattleboro

Macro-invertebrate Characterization of the Pen Branch Corridor. Thesis for M.S.,                                          1999

Created research methods and conducted a large scale statistical analysis of three aquatic communities

Control on Sweet Corn Weber, D. C., Ferro, D. N. and R. B. Parker. Insecticide and Acaracide Tests            1989                                      Volume 14, 121. 19



Pierson Memorial Scholarship, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Massachusetts                      1989                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina M.S. in Entomology     2000

University of Massachusetts, Amherst    B.S. in Entomology                  1990


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